Lift Surveys

When you experience problems with your lift, the cost of installing a new lift not to mention the disruption can be daunting. Most common lift performance issues can be solved by replacing old, obsolete components with newer, more efficient ones. With over 30 years of lift modernisation experience, B&W Lifts can refurbish and modernise your lift regardless of make or age.

Refurbishment of your existing lift is the most cost-effective way to upgrade the efficiency and improve the appearance of your lift. Refurbishment offers a large reduction in downtime, saving on average ten weeks when compared with a new lift installation.

If you would like help deciding if your lift needs refurbishment or modernisation, please get in touch and our qualified engineers will be happy to assist you.
If you are looking to change the way in which you use your lift, we offer a service to adapt your current lift to suit its new application, overcoming any issues that may be encountered.

Give us a call on 01795 666730 or send us an enquiry to discuss how we can assist.